Peru Trip: October 2015

I have been in Peru for two weeks. Wow what a trip!

Two weeks ago we arrived in Lima close to midnight very tired, but excited. We got into a taxi and drove along the coast to an area called Miraflores and went to sleep in a small hotel. The noise was constant all night of traffic. Because we live in the country outside of Austin, we are used to quiet so sleeping was a challenge. The next day we had a good breakfast consisting of eggs and guacamole…yummy. Then we exchanged money with a one legged guy sitting on the corner in a plastic chair in front of a bank!

 Later that day we got on another flight to Cusco, then a taxi ride to a small town in the Sacred Valley where we held our retreat. The Sacred Valley is this special energetic area of Peru, only a few hours to Machu Picchu. We were received by our graciously friendly host and owner of the Greenhouse b&b, Kelli. We had finally landed.

 We awoke the next day to beautiful Peruvian light, mountains, fresh crisp air, beautiful grounds filled with rainbows of colors in the plants and the smell of jasmine in the air.

 Two days later our retreat began. We had an incredible group. As every person came in to the Greenhouse B&B, I "cleared" each person coming in with Palo Santo sticks (something the shamans use in Peru to cleanse). This was done to let go of all the challenges of travel. 

We all bonded quickly through our meals cooked by the amazing Amanda Love.  We ate the "Nourishing Cleanse". Although we were cleansing, the food was delicious and no one went hungry. It's amazing how veggie juice, warm savory soup, and rainbow salad (it's a term I made up for a colorful salad) can really nourish you.

Everyone received treatments from me in which we did the same as back home (muscle testing the physical body, emotional body, chakra systems, however for this trip we focused on spiritual acupuncture treatments) but I added Reiki, Medical QiGong, and Cranial Sacral which was an added bonus. I had everyone focus on an intent for the trip or what question(s) was coming up in their life.  This began to set the tone for the trip.

We practiced yoga most mornings in the grass with mountains in the background. I travel I realize how important yoga is after a long trip.   Yoga helped to us to stretch out not only our bodies, but our being.  To allow yourself to take a retreat in a sacred area like Peru is rejuvenating for the mind, spirit, then the body.

We encountered amazing food markets. The mountains of Peru have incredible farmland and soil.  Did you know there are 4000 species of potatoes in Peru? They love potatoes.  Because we are foodies, we dove into the food market world asking questions of what is that and how do we eat it. 

We visited amazing ruins built by the Incas for farming and worship.

And salt mines coming from water out of a mountain. Of course we went to one of the most sacred places on the planet, Machu Picchu.

The picture does it no justice, you must go if you have not.  The history and vortex of this place is like no other.

Besides all the amazing places we saw, things we bought (alpaca rugs are heavenly), everyone connected deeply.  We bonded through food, cleansing, letting go or clarity of something that was challenging us, through the very aspect of being in “the heart chakra of the world”, and our evening sharing groups.

After this experience, we wanted to send the focus of our next retreat deeper into spirit work.  Hold on, because our next retreat is guaranteed to change your world!