Don't Give Up On Feeling Your Best Don't Give Up On Feeling Your Best

Don't Give Up On Feeling Your Best

We'll back you into your natural state of health We'll back you into your natural state of health

We'll back you into your natural state of health

Our Passion

Most of our patients come to us FRUSTRATED by conventional medicine's inability to solve their chronic health problems.  

Our PASSION is diagnosing and successfully treating the most challenging health issues and bringing you back into your NATURAL state of health.

Functional Medicine

A Science-Based, Natural Way to Heal.

Functional medicine addresses the root causes of disease, engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. The future of medicine is to not only to address people’s health issues but helps them to thrive.  

The concept of the tree can be used for both Chinese and functional medicine.  There are the branches, which relate to symptoms. The root is the essence of where the disharmony lies.  We must discover how to treat the root in order to get noticeable, long lasting results.

By shifting the disease-centered focus of medicine to a whole body approach, we are going beyond treating symptoms.  Functional medicine is about spending time with a patient, listening, and using tools to discover a True diagnosis. 

Our Treatment Focus

Treatments based in functional medicine approaches can be applied to successfully address a wide range of health conditions.  We have developed particular expertise in treating the following:

Our Tools

Body Therapy

Body Therapy

We are proficient in: acupuncture, cupping, massage, ultrasound, e-stimulation, biomat, sound table, cold-laser & AcuTonics.  

Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine

Our medication & prescriptions are natural food supplements, herbs (western & eastern) and homeopathy.  We order from 42 supplement and herb companies to ensure we get the right product.

Food Therapy

Food Therapy

We identify food sensitivities that block your body’s ability to heal using muscle testing and/or thru specimen testing. We will customize a cleanse to your body type.

What Our Patients Say:

Jack Nelson

"After months of testing, doctor appointments, procedures, etc...I found myself on Dr. Ron's table frustrated, in pain and at the end of my rope.  I had gone from a healthy women who was active and carefree to a pain ridden, discouraged, pain filled lump in just a few months.”  

Mitchell Wilson

"Dr. Ron feeds my soul & heals my body. My path with him has become mostly one of emotional & spiritual growth & healing. When I often struggle to say where or how it hurts, Dr. Ron continues to find ways to cleanse, empower, relieve & energize me.”

Frensis Harper

“I feel more vitality & hope in relation to myself, others & the life around me because of Dr. Ron's guidance. I cannot express how grateful and changed I am to have found myself working with the powerful heart, warmth & curiosity of this incredibly gifted healer."