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John Eddington

“Ron got me through a rough time in my life. I was due to have shoulder replacement surgery in June of 2012 and my daughter decided in December 2011 to get married in March. I was taking so many Advil for my shoulder pain that I was having stomach distress.  With Acupuncture and other non-prescription herbs and drugs, Ron managed my pain so that I could function without pain and without stomach distress. I highly recommend Ron.”

Jack Nelson

“After months of testing, doctor appointments, procedures, etc...I found myself on Dr. Ron’s table frustrated, in pain and at the end of my rope.  I had gone from a healthy women who was active and carefree to a pain ridden, discouraged, pain filled lump in just a few months.  Conventional medicine had tried to treat my symptoms with little affect and had given me no answers to my dilemma.”

Tristan Lee

“Ron has been treating me twice a month for 9+ years. He’s one of the most intuitive, compassionate healers I know. As an added bonus, Ron practices what he preaches living a very healthy lifestyle. His assistant June is phenomenal as well. I could go on & on singing them praises... :0)”

Dolly Edwards

“Ron has done wonders for my wife and I, I had been feeling tired and just flat out exhausted all the time and he was able to change that. I have thalassemia and he has be able to manage that with herbs. My wife and I tried for over a year for a child and with Ron’s help through herbs and vitamins we are expecting our first child!”

Jordan Fulton

“Ron,  you have helped so much with pains that I have had in different parts of my body.  I am always amazed at the different exercises that you recommend to strengthen my muscles.”

Mitchell Wilson

“Dr. Ron feeds my soul & heals my body. My path with him has become mostly one of emotional & spiritual growth & healing. When I often struggle to say where or how it hurts, Dr. Ron continues to find ways to cleanse, empower, relieve & energize me. He is powerfully guided by a healing blend of love, masterful knowledge, skill, & intuition. I always feel safe and invited to travel down my path & feel that he sees & accepts my soul. I never feel judged or like another patient."

Megan Ayrton

“Ron Banuelos is not only a great acupuncturist, but a great human being. I credit Ron with helping me acquire the mind and body health that I enjoy now. With his support and guidance, I lost over 25 pounds, balanced my hormones, and improved my general since of well being. Ron is brutally honest (in the kindest way), deeply supportive and committed to helping anyone who is committed to helping themselves.”